At Grup Sevica, experience makes us leaders in management of stock and surplus merchandise

Every year since 1978, Grup Sevica has been committed to improving, with the aim of caring for your products as if they were our own. This continuous improvement is reflected in the constant improvement of our facilities, our family of workers, our technology and our management.

Grup Sevica
quality and handling wholesale
retail and e-commerce
+40 years
of experience,
supporting our clients
30,000 m²
of facilities, in both
Viladecans and Gavà
75 %
of our staff dedicated to ensuring
quality and careful handling
15 km
between us and the
Port of Barcelona
10 km
between us and
Prat Airport
5 continents
around the world

Contact our experts

Grup Sevica offers customised solutions for each of our clients. Call us or write to us and we will be pleased to offer you our solutions.

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